Verify individuals and organisations

Standalone tools and API for performing KYC and KYB checks. Verify individuals or organisations around the World with bronID.
Verify any organisation type including companies and trusts
Access data registries from more than 120 countries
Add liveness and biometric checks to reduce fraud

Verify individuals

Electronic identity verification

bronID accesses reliable identity databases, including government document records to verify individuals.

Liveness check

Use bronID's liveness and anti-spoofing technology to prevent fraud during onboarding.

Biometric check

Perform a biometric comparison of your customer and the photo from their identity documents.

Verify organisations

Supports all organisation types

Verify any organisation type with bronID, including companies, trusts, associations and government bodies.

Identifies and verifies UBOs

Automatically identify and verify the UBOs following the appropriate procedures per organisation type.

Compliance procedures

Use and automatically document pre-set compliance procedures for every type of organisation.

Global coverage

bronID supports more than 120 countries for KYC and KYB
“The only solution that supports all organisation types.”

Whether your customers are individuals, companies, trusts or government bodies, we've got you covered!

Automated compliance procedures
90% reduction in operations cost
UBO identification and verification
Integrated record-keeping & reporting
Integration options

Three ways to use bronID's KYC and KYB

Use bronID through our Standalone Portal, or integrate it within your platform.

Standalone Portal

Easy to use Portal to manage your KYC & KYB checks.

White-label Forms

ID verification forms with your branding to get you up and running in no time.


API that provides full flexibility when automating your KYC & KYB checks.

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