PEPs, Sanctions and Criminal Watchlists

Screen your customers against PEPs, Sanctions and Criminal Watchlists and get instant results
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Screen customers PEPs, Sanctions and Criminal Watchlists

Detect individuals on PEPs, Sanctions, and Criminal Watchlists, safeguarding your business against regulatory and reputational risks. Utilising comprehensive screening across global databases, our system identifies high-risk individuals involved in corruption, terrorism, financial crimes, and sanctions violations, fully integrated into our automated risk assessment framework.

Wide range of data sources including OFAC, UNSC and DFAT

bronID offers automated access to crucial PEPs, Sanctions, and Criminal Watchlists, integral to compliance and due diligence processes:
The screening includes the following lists:
  • PEPs: bronID screens against global lists to detect associations with politically exposed persons.
  • Sanctions: It checks against international sanctions lists to ensure no engagement with restricted individuals or entities.
  • Criminal Watchlists: bronID cross-references criminal lists to prevent business with those involved in serious crimes.ators' press releases and announcements
“Screen hundreds of lists and databases with one call”

Safeguard Your Reputation, Uncover Hidden Risks.

Automated compliance procedures
Hundreds of data sources
Integrated into your KYC/KYB
Integrated record-keeping & reporting

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