ML/TF Risk Assessment

Assess the risk of your business being used for money laundering and terrorism financing
Built with ISO 31000 principles in mind
Sector-specific assessments taking into account 300+ risk factors
Implement controls appropriate to the type and level of your risk

Assess your ML/TF risk

The ML/TF Risk Assessment is the foundation of your AML/CTF efforts. Before you can design appropriate measures to reduce the risk of your business being abused for financial crime, you must first assess what are the weak points that make your organisation susceptible to such risk.
It is a regulatory requirement to have a comprehensive and documented ML/TF Risk Assessment. bronID provides tools and assistance to help you assess your ML/TF risks.

Implement AML/CTF controls

Once you assess the ML/TF risk your organisation is facing, you need to develop appropriate measures and controls to protect your business from being exploited by criminals. bronID provides you with a Control Bank that includes best practice measures and controls. The controls are ranked by the suitability for the ML/TF risks your business is facing based on industry research.
“Meet regulatory expectations. Identify and reduce money laundering and terrorism financing risks.”

Use the bronID Risk Assessment tool to assess your ML/TF risks and comply with local regulation and international standards.

Assess 300+ risk factors
Assess business and regulatory risk
Comply with regulatory requirements
Develop appropriate mitigation measures

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