Digital currency exchanges & platforms

AML/CTF for Digital Currency Exchanges and Blockchain Platforms

Regulators around the world are urging Digital Currency Exchanges (Crypto Exchanges) and Blockchain Platforms to set up policies, procedures and controls that will mitigate the money-laundering and terrorism financing risks that they are facing. In the last few years, privately run Digital Currency Exchanges have entered the spotlight, became heavily regulated and must comply with the AML/CTF regulatory requirements across a number of countries.

What do you need to do?

  • Enrol with the regulator
  • Assess the ML/TF risks your business is facing
  • Develop your AML/CTF Program
  • Implement the procedures from your AML/CTF Program

How can bronID help?

We provide AML/CTF tools and advisory to help you prevent financial crime and comply with regulatory requirements

Identity Verification solution that scales with your business.

  • KYC and KYB solution that supports all organisation types including verification of individuals, companies, trusts and associations
  • One solution, global coverage
  • Three integration options for full flexibility: Self-serve Portal, White-label Forms and API
AML/CTF Compliance

Develop compliant AML/CTF policies, procedures and controls.

  • Use our Risk Assessment tool to assess your risks of money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Our AML/CTF Programs include AML/CTF procedures and controls that are customised to your circumstances
  • Upgrade to tools that will help you execute your AML/CTF Program with ease
Compliance as a service

Stay on top of the AML/CTF requirements.

  • Always have someone to ask about the best practices in AML/CTF and how you can implement them to fit your circumstances
  • Get help with executing your AML/CTF procedures and controls
  • Stay informed about the regulatory changes and requirements

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