Independent Audit

Impartial review of your AML/CTF policies, procedures and controls to make sure they are compliant and effective
Methodology built on international standards
Includes assessment of technical compliance and effectiveness
Practical recommendations for improvement

Independent Audit of your AML/CTF Program

Performing an independent review of your AML/CTF policies, procedures and control is a regulatory requirement. Our reviewers can help you identify gaps in your AML/CTF efforts and give you practical recommendations on how you can improve your AML/CTF Program or its implementation to be effective in preventing money laundering and terrorism financing and be compliant with regulatory requirements.

Audit Report

Once the independent review is completed, you will receive an Audit Report that summarises the used methodology, the description of the tested samples and the findings of the review. For every adverse finding that has been identified, we will provide practical recommendations and guidance on how it can be rectified.
“Make sure that your AML/CTF Program is effective and compliant.”

Get peace of mind that your internal policies, procedures and controls are effective and compliant.

Assess technical compliance
Assess the level of implementation
Assess the effectiveness
Get practical recommendations for remediation

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