Bulk rescreening

This tutorial provides instructions for running a one-time bulk rescreening of Negative Media in the bronID portal, detailing steps to create and configure the schedule, and, if desired, set up email alerts. Additionally, it offers guidance on how to access the rescreening report, view and compare IDV risks, and inspect individual submissions for detailed results.

Run Bulk Rescreening (Configure single run)

  1. Navigate to Your Account: Find your account in the top-right section of the Portal.
  2. Access Negative Media screening: Click on "Settings" and then select "Negative media screening" from the left menu.
  3. Create a New Schedule: Click on "Configure single run".
  4. Configure the Schedule: Add the name of the screening, and choose the start and end dates for the submissions you want to rescreen. Specify the IDV risk, verification status, types of entities, and country of residence or incorporation for the submissions you want to rescreen. If you have a Distributor subscription, you can also specify only submissions from certain "on-behalf" accounts to be affected.
  5. Save Your Changes: Click "Save", and the system will begin processing the rescreening in the background. Depending on the number of the submissions you want to rescreen, this may take several minutes to several hours.
  6. [Optional] Set Email Alerts: Designate email addresses at the bottom of the page to receive alerts when a rescreening report is generated.
Negative Media - Bulk Screening

Accessing the Rescreening Report

  1. Go to Results: Click on the "Results" section and select the "Rescreen - NM" tab to view all established rescreening schedules.
  2. Select a Schedule: Click on the desired schedule name, then on the right slider, click "Show details".
  3. View Detailed Information: You can see a list of rescreened submissions and compare the newly calculated IDV risk with the previously calculated IDV risk. Here, you can also export the rescreening results in a CSV format if needed by clicking on the "Export to Excel" button above the table.
  4. Inspect Individual Submissions: Click on each rescreened submission and then on the right slider, click "Show details" to see the detailed result of the Negative media screening result.
Negative Media - Rescreening Results
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