Screening as part of a KYC

A tutorial on how to perform a negative media screening on verified individuals in the bronID Portal.

You can screen an individual who you have verified via bronID against a list of curated reputable media sources to check for any negative and damaging information. These media sources include regulators' press releases, court filings, transcripts of court proceedings, news articles, and other similar reputable media outlets.

To manually screen an individual against negative media in the bronID Portal:

1. Go to KYC > Results and navigate to the Individual tab. Select the individual you want to screen in the Results table;
2. In the right slider, click on "Show Details";
3. Navigate to the "Negative Media" tab;
4. Click "Screen now".

Within seconds, the system will pull data from all available media and screen the text for any negative connotations related to the screened subject.

If bronID finds any potential negative media, the accordion will be coloured red, and bronID will provide a summary of the negative connotations found. Additionally, bronID will list the top data sources where the negative media was detected and provide links to them so you can investigate further and check for false positives.

Negative Media - Positive Result with bronID

If no negative media is detected, the accordion will be coloured green, and if applicable, a summary of the detected connotation will be provided. If there are no relevant reports on the screened subject, bronID will include "NA" as the summary, and in this case, it can also be concluded that there are no negative media reports.

Negative Media - Negative Result with bronID

Negative media and false positives

Note that negative media screening is susceptible to false positives, much more so than false negatives. Although bronID reads and understands the context of the text and analyses whether the screened subject is the one who is actually committing the negative act, rather than being adjacent to it in a different way, depending on the content of the negative media, screening may return a summarised result that the subject is involved in a negative connotation. For instance, a witness in a case involving money laundering or fraud might be flagged for negative media coverage, despite not being the subject of the allegations themselves but merely associated with the case.

In such cases, bronID will provide a detailed list of articles where you can check for more information and perform a more detailed analysis to investigate further.

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