Create a test account

Short guide on how to set up your bronID test account.

You can create a bronID test account and test the bronID Portal, create your own White-label Forms or configure the bronID API. In the test environment, you can run an unlimited number of tests for free. Note that the bronID test environment works only with test data, and you should not submit real data in the test environment. To get the best results, follow the test scenarios provided in the Help Centre articles. 

To create a bronID test account, go to and follow the steps in the Sign Up form. The bronID administrators must approve all test accounts, therefore make sure you provide accurate information during the Sign Up process. This process can take up to 24 hours. 

You should submit the following information to get access to the bronID test environment:

  • Email Address - this must be a work email address. We suggest you use an email address specific for this purpose that you and your team can access (e.g. This email address will be used to set up your main bronID account. You can then link team member accounts (e.g.
  • Company Name - this should be the full legal name of the company
  • Company Website
  • Country
  • Company/Business Number- for example, ABN, ACN, EIN
  • Financial Service Licence (if applicable) - financial service licence (for example, an AFSL) is given by a government agency (for example, ASIC, SEC, FMA) that allows people or companies to legally carry out a financial services business
  • AML/CTF Enrolment Number (if applicable) - number provided by the financial intelligence unit or enforcement agency (for example, AUSTRAC, FinCen, FMA) used as a reference for interacting and reporting to the AML/CTF regulatory body
bronID Test Sign Up

If your account is not approved within 24 hours, please contact

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