Detect false positives

A brief guide on how to check for false positives when performing PEPs and Sanctions screening

bronID uses fuzzy matching when screening for PEPs and Sanctions. Fuzzy matching is a technique that provides matches that may be less than 100% perfect when finding correspondences between segments of a text. This is because the entities (individuals or organisations) that you are screening may not precisely match the entities listed on the PEPs and Sanctions lists (e.g., John Citizen vs. Jon Citizen). 

The following are the most common reasons why someone would match a PEPs or Sanctions list: 

  1. The individual/entity appears on a PEPs or Sanctions List; 
  2. The submitted name is an alias;
  3. The individual is a relative or associate of someone who appears on a PEPs or Sanctions List;
  4. The individual/entity is associated with an entity that appears on a PEPs or Sanctions List;
  5. The individual/entity has a similar name to an individual/entity that appears on a PEPs or Sanctions List.

If bronID has flagged that an individual or an entity is on a PEPs and Sanctions list, the first thing you must do is check for false positives. To check for false positives in the bronID:

  1. Open the list accordion by clicking on the down arrow; 
  2. Read the description that bronID returned for every list that has been matched. Here you can compare parameters other than the name, such as the date of birth, middle name or the place of residence/incorporation, to assess if the matched individual or organisation is the same as your customer.
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