IDV Risk

A brief guide on how to interpret the IDV Risk

For every verification, bronID automatically calculates the IDV Risk (Identity Verification Risk). This indicator is derived from the information that is collected and processed by bronID. Please note that the IDV Risk is not the same as the Customer Risk or a substitute for it. The IDV Risk should enable you to make quick decisions by reviewing one indicator that summarises all the data points collected by bronID. You should always check the detailed verification results when making a decision about whether to onboard a customer or not.

The following data points are taken into account when calculating the IDV Risk of a stand-alone PEPs and Sanctions check:

  • PEP screening results
  • Sanctions screening results
  • Other watchlists screening results

The IDV Risk Score can have the following values:

  • Low
  • Low Med
  • Medium
  • Med High
  • High
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