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A brief tutorial on creating and applying tags in bronID for organising KYB submissions, including manual and programmatic methods.

In bronID, tags function as markers to effectively organise your KYC and KYB submissions. These tags may act as unique identifiers for different business elements, such as products, funds, departments or organisational categories. For more intricate classification, you have the option to create nested tags. For example, under a primary 'Products' tag, you can have nested tags for different types of products like 'Remittance', 'Investment', and 'Corporate Trustee'.

Once submissions are tagged, you can leverage these tags for filtering purposes. This feature allows you to easily filter and access submissions based on specific tag categories, thereby enhancing the efficiency and organisation of your KYC and KYB management.

To create and manage these tags, access the bronID Portal Settings. After creating your tags, they can be attached to a KYB submission in the following ways:

Manual Tagging via the bronID Portal

  1. Go to KYC > Results.
  2. Select the 'Organisation' tab.
  3. Click on the specific record you want to modify.
  4. In the right-side slider, under 'General Info', find the tags section and click the pencil icon.
  5. Choose the relevant tags and hit 'Save'.
  6. These tags will then be added to your submission.

Programmatic Tagging via the bronID API

  • Tags can also be added programmatically during the submission process using the bronID API.
  • For whitelabel forms or API submissions, incorporate tags by utilising the "metadata_tags" parameter.
  • For more comprehensive guidelines, please consult the bronID API documentation.

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