Digital document verification procedure for verifying organisations

A brief description of the digital document verification procedure for verifying organisations with bronID.

To verify un-registered entities such as trusts or partnerships, bronID accepts digital copies of documents. bronID uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to machine read the submitted documents and then extracts the relevant information to perform a verification.

Submitted documents must be considered independent, i.e. to be created or issued by an impartial and unbiased source (other than the entity that is being verified). For example, documents issued by government authorities, registries or stock exchanges are considered to be independent. Documents such as trust deeds and partnership agreements are considered independent as they are created by lawyers and only executed by the entity. 

For a document to be accepted for performing a digital document procedure, it must contain at a minimum: 

  • the full name of the entity (e.g. the trust name, the partnership name);
  • the full name of the controllers (e.g. trustees);
  • the full name of the UBOs (e.g. beneficiaries, partners);
  • signatures.

The documents can be certified or not certified depending on your requirements which can be adjusted in the Settings > IDV Rules > Configuration.

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