Results of organisations' identity verification in the bronID Portal

A quick guide on how to review the KYB results in your bronID Portal.

To find a list of all verifications of organisations that were performed with bronID, go to KYC > Results and select the Organisation tab. You will see a table with the performed verifications together with the Verification Status, calculated IDV Risk and recommended CDD Procedure. Note, that the recommended CDD procedure is based on the findings from the identity verification and is not an estimate of the overall ML/TF risk of the verified customer.

bronID KYB Results

Click on the ID verification row in the table to see a more detailed view of the verification result. In the General Information tab of the right side slider you can find the submitted information for this verification and a list of all uploaded or generated documents. In the Admin tab, you will find the UserID of the submitted entity and the ID verification reference (trace).

bronID KYB Results - General Information

To see detailed information about the verification result, click on the Show details button. The new window will display five tabs: Organisation Info, Individuals, Ownership Structure, PEPs & Sanctions and Documents.

Organisation Info

The Organisation Info tab provides information about the organisation that was submitted as well as the identity verification procedural checks that were performed. These checks depend on the entity type and the AML/CTF requirements in your jurisdiction.  The procedures are described in the bronID Identity Verification Procedures Manual.

KYB Results - Organisation Info Tab


The Individuals tab provides information about the identified significant individuals of the organisation. This may include shareholders, directors, trustees or other types of beneficial owners or controllers. The verification of the identified Ultimate Beneficial Owners of the organisation is embedded within this tab. You can access the details about their verification status if you click on the accordion with the name of the UBO.  

KYB Results - Individuals & UBO Tab

Ownership Structure

Many organisations may have a layered structure, i.e. are owned by other organisations. In the Ownership Structure tab, bronID provides a graph of the ownership structure, so you can get a visual representation of the relation of the target organisation with its owners.

KYB Results - Ownership Structure Tab


The Documents tab outlines all the documents that have been submitted or generated as part of the verification process. This section will always contain the generated bronID IDV Certificate. In this tab, you can also upload or delete document.

KYB Results - Documents Tab

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