Verify an organisation with the bronID Portal

This guide explains how you can verify an organisation and its UBOs with the bronID Portal.

When verifying an organisation, you must verify that the organisation exists and also you must identify and verify the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) of that organisation. bronID defines UBOs as individuals who own or control 25% or more of the organisation. Depending on the organisation type, there are different requirements of what needs to be verified. To learn more about these rules, read the bronID ID Verification Manual.  

General data collection requirements for an organisation

When you select the country and the organisation type, bronID displays the data requirements of the kind of organisation you are looking to verify. The data collection requirements are different for every organisation type, but in general you must collect the following:

  • the country where the organisation is incorporated or established;
  • the type of organisation;
  • the full name of the organisation;
  • the unique number or identifier that is assigned to this organisation (if any).  
KYB - Verify an organisation

Data collection requirements for the UBOs

If you have collected the UBOs, then you can provide the information within the first submission by clicking the button "Add UBO". The minimum required information about a UBO is:

  • the country of residence;
  • the full legal name;
  • the date of birth;
  • the address.
Add a UBO to a KYB

If the UBOs, have been provided, they will be verified with the electronic Safe Harbour protocol. If the UBOs have not provided, then bronID will identify the UBOs and will request you to provide information about the name, date of birth and the address of the identified UBOs when the organisation is returned with a status "Info".

As the last step, you must provide consent for processing the supplied information by clicking the consent checkbox.

You can access the results and the report about the verified organisation through the Results->Organisation tab.

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