Resolving a KYB "Info" request

This tutorial explains how to perform the required actions when a submission is in Info status.

In some cases, bronID will put the submission in an "Info" status. This means that you need to provide additional information, so the verification can be completed.

To provide the required information, go to KYC > Results > Organisation and click on the name of the organisation which is in Info status. In the right side slider in the REQUIRED ACTION tab, bronID will list all the actions you need to perform in order to complete the verification.

Commonly Required Actions:

Verify Individuals: A likely scenario is bronID to request you to verify the identified UBOs of the organisation. By clicking on the linked names, you will be redirected to an individual verification flow for each of the identified UBOs.

Provide Documents: bronID may also request you to upload documents to facilitate the verification process. To upload a requested document, click on the link with the name of that document in the REQUIRED ACTION tab.

bronID may include guidance comments in the Notes section to make the interpretation of the Info request easier, such as the reason why a specific document or UBO was requested.

Once the required actions are completed, the verification status will go to either Pending or Verified. You will receive an email, a notification in the Portal and a webhook when the status is updated and goes to the next state.

bronID Info Status - Request for more information

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