Customise your White-label Forms

A quick guide on how to add your logo and customise the branding of the bronID White-label Forms.

If you are using the bronID White-label Forms to collect and process identity data for KYC and KYB, you can customise the branding of the Forms. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings -> Whitelabel forms -> Configuration.
  2. Configure the Custom verification key. This is a URL where your customers can submit KYC verifications (e.g. mycompanyname).
  3. Configure the Service name. This is the name of your service, as it will be shown to your customers when they access the Whitelabel KYC Forms (My Company Name).
  4. Enable or disable your Forms to be available on a static public link ( It is recommended that you disable this option to prevent anyone who has this link to submit data for identity verification. If you enable this option, you can send a static link to your clients. If this option is disabled, you must generate a unique link for each verification with the bronID API.
  5. Add a Support email. Customers will be shown this email when the verification was not successful or if there was an error (e.g.
  6. Add a ToS link. This link should lead to your Terms of Service, and it will be added to the KYC Forms.
  7. Add a Redirect URL. If you want your users to be redirected after the verification is complete, set up your Redirect URL. If this is not configured, the users will stay on the verification result page.
  8. If you are using a white or light colour header, switch on the Use dark text toggle.
  9. Add a Header colour. Configure the header colour of your Whitelabel Forms
  10. Add a Button colour. Configure the buttons' colour of your Whitelabel Forms
  11. Add a Spinner colour. While processing the verification, your users will see a "spinner" consisting of 4 dots. You can configure the colours to match your branding or leave them empty to use the Button colour as a default value.
  12. Add your Logo. Upload your header logo
  13. Enable countries. Choose countries that you want to have as an option on the Whitelabel Forms.
  14. Enable entity types. Choose entity types that you want to have as an option on the Whitelabel Forms.
White-label Forms bronID

Once you complete the configuration, your Forms with your branding and logo will be available on the link provided under the Custom verification key.

bronID whitelabel forms demo
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