Invite users to your bronID Portal

This tutorial provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to add, invite, and manage users with different roles in your bronID Portal workspace, ensuring seamless collaboration and shared access to customer data.

You can easily add or remove users within your bronID Portal workspace. To do so, navigate to Settings > Basic Info > Users. The individual you invite must either create an account or already possess one with the bronID Portal. Furthermore, they need to accept your invitation to link both accounts. Once linked, all users will share a unified view of customer data within the bronID Portal.

For a step-by-step guide on adding users, please see below:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Basic Info > Users.

Step 2: In the designated text box, enter the work email address of the person you wish to invite. Note that the email domain must match your company's domain.

Invite Users to bronID

Step 3: From the dropdown menu, select the desired user role permissions. The roles available are as follows:

  • Viewer: This read-only role is ideal for sales team members, auditors, or any personnel not requiring edit permissions. Viewers can access KYC, KYB, eDocument KYC results, and PEP, Sanctions, and Criminal Watchlist results. They may also enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and update their profile information.
  • Editor: Tailored for first-line-of-defence employees and onboarding staff, Editors can view and process verifications and modify results without performing any system configurations. They have the ability to execute KYC and KYB procedures, manage PEP, Sanctions, and Criminal Watchlist screenings, and handle various types of data. Additionally, Editors can export results in CSV format, access billing reports, and alter UserIDs for KYC or KYB processes. For added security, they can also enable 2FA and update their own profiles.
  • Admin: The Admin role is suited for compliance officers or executive staff who require full system management capabilities. Admins can append notes, invite or remove users, and adjust compliance settings like IDV rules and Watchlist screening schedules. They can also manage the subscription, create or revoke API keys, and customise Whitelabel form designs. As with other roles, they can enable 2FA and update their profile information.
View KYC Results YES YES YES
View KYB Results YES YES YES
View eDocument KYC Results YES YES YES
View Results for PEPs, Sanctions, and Criminal Watchlists YES YES YES
Execute KYC Procedures NO YES YES
Execute KYB Procedures NO YES YES
Generate Link for eDocument KYC NO YES YES
Conduct PEPs, Sanctions, and Criminal Watchlist Screenings & Rescreenings NO YES YES
Address Information Requests NO YES YES
Eliminate Requested Individuals NO YES YES
Modify the IDV Risk Score NO YES YES
Append Notes NO NO YES
Change the UserID for a KYC or KYB NO YES YES
Resend Webhook YES YES YES
Export Results as a Bulk CSV File NO YES YES
Access Billing Reports NO YES YES
Update Profile Information in the 'Basic Info > Profile' Section YES YES YES
Invite or Expel Users in the 'Basic Info > Users' Section NO NO YES
Enable 2FA in the 'Basic Info > Security and Login' Section YES YES YES
Set IDV Rules in the 'Compliance Configuration > IDV Rules' Section NO NO YES
Establish Watchlist Screening Rules and Schedules in the 'Compliance Configuration > Watchlist Screening' Section NO NO YES
Purchase Credits in the 'Credits > Buy Credits' Section NO NO YES
Create and Revoke API Keys in the 'Developers > API Keys' Section NO NO YES
Configure the Design of Whitelabel Forms in the 'Whitelabel Forms > Configuration' Section NO NO YES

Step 4: The invitee will receive an invitation email. If they don't already have an account with the bronID Portal, they will need to create one. Upon logging into the bronID Portal, they will find your invitation in their Dashboard.

Step 5: The invitee has the option to either accept or decline the invitation. If declined, the accounts will remain unlinked. If accepted, the invitee's bronID Portal will populate with data from your account, and you will receive a confirmation email detailing the action taken by the invitee.

accept invite

Step 6: There may be a delay of up to 60 seconds before the invitee can view the data in their bronID Portal. It's recommended that the invitee refresh the Portal multiple times to expedite data loading.

TIP: Navigate to the KYC > Results tab and verify if both you and the invitee are viewing identical customer verification results. If so, this confirms that your accounts are successfully linked.

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