Distributor On-Behalf Accounts

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up on-behalf accounts under a bronID Distributor subscription, enabling hierarchical children accounts within an organisation to have separate access to the bronID Portal and tools for managing KYC and KYB submissions.

If you have a Distributor subscription with bronID, you can establish on-behalf accounts linked to your main account. These are essentially hierarchical children accounts under your company's primary bronID account, offering tailored access and control:

  • Separate Access: On-behalf accounts have their own bronID Portal and tools.
  • Independent Operations: They can manage KYC and KYB submissions, submit as separate entities, and handle verification information status.
  • User Invitation Capability: These accounts can invite their own linked users.
  • Ideal for Various Business Units: Suitable for internal departments, clients, authorised representatives, or affiliates in a remittance network.

Your organisation retains full oversight of all submissions processed by on-behalf accounts, while these accounts access only their submissions.

Setting Up an On-Behalf Account

To create an on-behalf account:

  1. Access Settings: Click on your account in the top right corner and select 'Settings'.
  2. Navigate to On-Behalf Users: Go to 'Basic Info' and find 'On-behalf users'.
  3. Add User: Click on 'Add User'.
  4. Fill Out the Form: Complete all fields accurately for due diligence purposes and to avoid account interruptions.
Invite Onbehalf Accounts

Form Input Fields

  • Account Email: The primary email for the on-behalf account. Use non-personal addresses like operations@company.com. The account can invite staff members to the workspace.
  • Country: The country of incorporation for the entity holding the on-behalf account.
  • Company Name: Legal name of the company holding the on-behalf account (e.g., 'ABC PTY LTD' or 'ABC PTY LTD - Treasury Department').
  • Company Number: The official number of the company holding the account (e.g., ABN, ACN, EIN, NZBN).
  • First Name and Last Name: Contact details of a person in the on-behalf account organisation. If this individual is unknown, include the name of your main account's administrator.
  • FCL: Financial services or credit licence of the organisation holding the on-behalf account (e.g., AFSL, ACL). Enter '000' if unknown.
  • Regulatory Number: The number with the AML/CTF Regulator for the organisation. Enter '000' if unknown.
Onbehalf Accounts Info
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