Change the IDV Risk

The tutorial outlines the process of modifying the Identity Verification Risk (IDV Risk), automatically calculated by bronID, for each identity verification.This may be necessary if there's a false positive from a watchlist or a preference for a different risk grading method.

Every time a KYC is processed, bronID automatically calculates the IDV Risk (Identity Verification Risk), using the information it gathers and processes. However, you may want to modify this calculated risk under certain circumstances, such as when a high IDV risk is due to a false positive from a watchlist (PEPs, Sanctions or Criminal Watchlist), or when you prefer a different grading method.

To modify the calculated IDV Risk:

  1. Navigate to KYC > Results, then choose the Individual tab.
  2. Select the KYC submission you wish to adjust.
  3. Within the right slider, access the General Info tab.
  4. Find the IDV Risk section and click on the pencil icon.
  5. In the pop-up box, input a new IDV Risk value, select the reason for the alteration, provide a description, and optionally upload any supporting documentation.
  6. Click Save.
Change IDV Risk
Reason for change IDV Risk

Your IDV Risk adjustment will be saved. All modified IDV Risks will be marked with a note icon in the Results table. Additionally, within the Notes tab in the right-hand slider, you'll be able to view details about the risk modification, including who made the change and why.

Changed IDV Risk note
IDV Risk Comment - Reason and Description

Furthermore, bronID will automatically resend a webhook with the adjusted risk to update your internal system.

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