Verify an individual with the bronID Portal - electronic Safe Harbour rule

This guide explains how you can verify an individual with the bronID Portal using the electronic Safe Harbour rule.

Data collection requirements

To start an electronic Safe Harbour identity verification procedure with bronID, you must collect the following information of the individual:

  • the country of residence
  • full legal name
  • date of birth
  • address

To increase the match rate, you can additionally collect:

  • ID document details (such as driver's licence, passport, national ID card, medicare card)

Verify an individual:

Step 1: Go to KYC>Verify IDs>Individual.

Step 2: Select the country of residence. The data collection form for the selected country will automatically be displayed in the bronID Portal.

Step 3: Fill out the form with the required information (full name, date of birth and address).

Step 4: Add ID document information. This is optional and depends on the country's available data sources.

Step 5: Provide consent for processing the supplied information by clicking the consent checkbox.

KYC - Verify Individual

Step 5. The result of the verification, together with a limited PEPs and Sanctions search, will be displayed on the screen. If an individual appears on a PEPs or Sanctions list, make sure you check for false positive results.

KYC Result - Verified

Video tutorial

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