Results of individuals' identity verification in the bronID Portal

A quick guide on how to review the KYC results in your bronID Portal.

To find a list of all verifications of individuals that were performed via bronID, go to KYC->Results and select the Individuals tab. You will see a table with the performed verifications together with the Verification Status, calculated IDV Risk and recommended CDD Procedure. Note, that the recommended CDD procedure is based on the findings from the identity verification and is not an estimate of the overall ML/TF risk of the verified customer.

KYC Results with bronID

Click on the ID verification row in the table to see a more detailed view of the verification result. In the right side slider, you can find the unique verification references (User ID and Trace), the provided information for this verification and a list of uploaded documents.

KYC Results with bronID - view details

Click on the Show details button to access a list of PEPs and Sanctions checks and other information that were returned as part of the verification result.

PEPs and Sanctions Checks bronID

If the individual was not found on any of these lists, the list would be displayed in green colour. If the individual or an individual with a similar name has been found on any of the checked watch-lists, then the list will be coloured red.  Make sure you check for false-positive results by clicking on the list link.

PEPs and Sanctions Checks bronID
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