Rescreen your customers with PEPs, Sanctions and Criminal Watch Lists

A quick tutorial on how you can conduct a PEPs, Sanctions and Criminal Watch Lists check on an already processed verification. You may wish to perform this type of check as part of your Ongoing Customer Due Diligence (OCDD) process.

To run a PEPs, Sanctions and Criminal Watch Lists check on an already existing verification (KYC), follow the steps below:

  1. Go to KYC > Results > Individual and click on the name of the individual you want to re-screen; 
  2. In the right slider, click on the "Show details" button; 
  3. Select the PEPs & Sanctions tab and click "Screen now"
  4. The results will be displayed on the page. The lists where the individual, an individual with a similar name, or an associate of the individual appear will be coloured red. The lists where the individual does not appear will be coloured green;
  5. Click on the red lists to obtain more detailed information about the data that was matched.
bronID PEPs and Sanctions
bronID PEPs and Sanctions Lists - Match
View detailed results

To view a detailed description of why someone appears on a PEPs, Sanctions and Criminal Watch List, follow the steps below: 

  1. Open the desired list coloured in red by clicking on the down arrow; 
  2. Click on the names that were matched on this list;
  3. Read the description of the lists and the data that was matched. 

Note: The personal information of the individuals listed in the results may not match the exact details of the submitted individual. This can be due to several reasons: 

  • bronID uses fuzzy matching, i.e. the names do not have to match exactly, and similar names may show as false positives
  • the submitted name is an alias;
  • the matched individuals may be relatives or associates of the submitted individual; 
  • the matched individuals may be related to the submitted individual by means of contracts, legal arrangement etc.; 
  • the match is a false positive
bronID PEP Check
View previous PEPs, Sanctions and Criminal Watch Lists screening results

To check the results from previous PEPs and Sanctions screenings, use the dropdown to select the date and the time of screening. 

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