Review the verifications from the e-Document KYC Forms

You can review the list of all of the generated forms in the Result section of the KYC (e-Document) menu.

To find a list of all generated and completed KYC forms go to KYC (e-Documents) > Results. The forms may have status: New or Complete.

e-Document KYC with bronID

Status: New

The form was generated, but the customer has not uploaded any documents or finished the liveness test. To see more information, click on the row with the customer's name and a slider with more information will open on the right side. Here, you can also find the link to the Form. You can copy and resend this link if needed.

Status: Complete

The customer completed the generated form. When you click on the row with the customer's name, in the right slider, you can find the images of the uploaded documents and the images of the customer's face. Click on "View Details" to review or edit the customer's identity data based on the uploaded identity documents.  

e-Document KYC with bronID - Review Results

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